Coronavirus Actions

Paradise Cares about You!
Our Commitment to Our Customers

Our season is rapidly approaching and probably more than ever; we are all ready for some fresh air, and great weather.  We have been busy at Paradise Oaks planning some new and exciting ideas and activities that can be adaptable to the day-to-day changes.

Social DistancingEnsuring your safety and well being is very important to us and continues to be our top priority. Our focus is on providing another season of enjoyable fun and relaxation with each other, all while social distancing.

We will continue to adapt our policies and procedures based on the CDC guidelines and industry recommendations and ask that you be patient with us as we roll out new policies that might later change, based on the conditions we are faced with.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Seasonal Stays You can book your stay with confidence, knowing we’ll be flexible if your plans change. For our seasonal arrivals of 1 month or greater, we’ve updated our policy to allow for full refunds (less admin fee) for cancellations, if done up to 30 days prior to your arrival date.

Check-In – We are fine-tuning our plan to streamline the check in process.  Through utilizing our online documents and payment options, the need to stop at the office is eliminated.  More details will be shared regarding the check in process as the season approaches.

Online Documents – Our reservation system Camplife, now has an online document portal that allows us to send all documents electronically and allows you to sign and return them electronically.  This will minimize the need for paper transfers between our guests and the front office.  The email you will receive these documents from will be “”.  We ask that you help us in our efforts to minimize these points of contact, by signing these documents in a timely matter.

Payment Process – We would like to eliminate the need for cash and coin exchange.  As many of our past guests participated in our electronic payment methods, automatic-payment or online self-pay options in the past, we would encourage all guests to choose one of these payment methods for all payments.  If a personal check is necessary, we will be placing a drop-box outside the front office so you can conveniently drop off your payment.

Cancellations and Site Guarantees – In the event you decide it’s in your best interest to cancel, we are working on options regarding site renewals for the following season.  We will communicate further details once we establish a protocol.

Laundry Room

Payment Process – In an effort to minimize the use of coins, we will be implementing a non-coin payment system on some of our washers and dryers located in the community laundry room. This should provide greater flexibility to our guests and minimize the need for coin exchange.

Facilities:  Uses and Limitations

In an effort to follow CDC guidelines, provide “social distant” environments, and minimize the spread of germs, we will be limiting the use and access to some of our facilities. Based on these guidelines, these facilities and the use of them will be altered as necessary throughout the season.

We are busy re-imagining our calendar of events to take advantage of all of our outdoor spaces.  Additionally, we will be classifying each of our facilities into a category. These categories will define the requirements (mask, social distancing, etc.) expected, and the capacities allowed within each facility. We will further define these details in regard to each facility and activity as the season approaches.

Reserve your Activity – We are exploring online ways to reserve a spot for selected activities that have maximum capacity limits. We will share more details on this process as the season approaches.


The Great Outdoors

Paradise Oaks has been thoughtfully designed to fit in with the natural beauty that surrounds us. We are thankful in times like these to be able to offer and utilize all 100 acres of our great outdoors.  This outdoor space has allowed us to develop new activities to keep our guests active and entertained.

Pool Area – the pool and pool area will continue to be one of the favorites where our guests choose to spend their time.  We will be limiting the number of chairs available to our guests and will ask that our guests be courteous in limiting their time to allow others to also enjoy the pool and pool area.

Pickleball /Shuffleboard – these activities will continue as usual, but we will encourage guests to bring their own equipment, if possible.  Equipment will continue to be made available and should be sanitized before and after use.

Farm House Field – the 10 acres surrounding the ‘Farmhouse’ is a new-found space for us to offer some new and exciting activities.  These activities will include some of the following:

  • Frisbee Golf
  • Horseshoes
  • Corn Hole
  • Volleyball/Badminton
  • Croquet
  • Radio Control Car
  • Outdoor Movie (Park and watch from your golf cart, or bring a       blanket or chair)
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Outdoor Fire Pit

trailWalking/Biking Trail – in addition to our many roads throughout Paradise Oaks, our walking trail will be enhanced with distant markers and new Fit-Trail stations along the path. This outdoor addition will hopefully be your motivation to keep our guests active and utilize all of our outdoor space.

Pavilion – What better place to enjoy concerts, entertainment, outdoor games and exercise class than our 5,000 square foot outdoor pavilion.  We will be re-thinking this area and enhancing it to allow for open-air activities for various events.

Chipping/Driving Range – we will continue to offer our eager golfers, that are anxious to practice their shot, the acreage behind the park home village to continue their passion for golf.

Additional Outdoor Space – rental of additional outdoor tents and creating additional outdoor areas are always an option, if necessary.  These areas can compliment the Pavilion and offer additional space for our outdoor events.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

We are focused on cleanliness for your well-being!

Cleanliness is always a top priority at Paradise Oaks RV Resort. We have modified our cleaning practices and cleaning solutions based on the CDC recommendations to provide an effective disinfectant against COVID-19.

We take pride in our cleaning efforts and best in class housekeeping practices.  We will continually re-address these procedures and give each facility and amenity the necessary attention based on usage.

We will also have disinfectant sprays available in all facilities and will ask our guests to help us in these sanitation efforts by cleaning your area before and after use.

We will be taking additional sanitation precautions by installing more hand sanitation stations, purchasing portable hand sanitation stations, propping doors open during high usage times, eliminating the use of mouth dispensed water fountains, increasing housekeeping presence and cleaning efforts and many other detailed precautions to ensure that cleanliness continues to remain a priority.

Guest Requirements

Paradise Oaks will continue to follow all mandated requirements and encourage recommendations given by the CDC, the Florida governor and the City/County.  These include, but aren’t limited to, social distancing, mask requirements, quarantine requirements, monitoring your health daily, cleaning and disinfecting.  The mandates and recommendations are likely to continue to change, but as the season approaches these details for our area will be communicated.

Paradise Oaks has developed a COVID-19 waiver that explains the risk and responsibility we all have in regard to protecting our community and ourselves. We will ask that all guests review and sign this waiver prior to your arrival to Paradise Oaks.

Visitors and Short-Term Guests

We will continue to monitor the situation and define policies regarding contractors, vendors, guest visitors, short-term guests and rallies.  These policies will be defined and communicated as the season approaches.

Why Come to Paradise

Amidst the chaos surrounding us, it is refreshing to know we can offer you a wonderful “escape” like Paradise Oaks, where we can be adaptable together.  The Paradise Oaks community is a culture, a lifestyle and a family of friends that share the good times and the bad.  The support and love shown throughout our community year after year gives us the confidence that these uncharted times will only make us stronger. We look forward to charting a new course together in Paradise!