Returning to Paradise – October 2020


It’s hard to believe our season is upon us ~ WELCOME BACK ~ we look forward to seeing you all around very soon!  We want to take an opportunity to share important information with you about our commitment to cleanliness and safety, as well as guidelines from the CDC that we will continue to follow.

We are focused on utilizing our facilities and amenities as much as possible, however, restrictions and operational modifications may apply and will change, as necessary.  We are fortunate to have wonderful outdoor facilities and space that we will maximize the use of. 

We all have a different level of tolerance that we feel comfortable with and it’s our goal to show respect towards each of you. If at any point you are not comfortable with the environment, please avoid it.

Restrictions in place as of October 15, 2020

  • The office is now open – M-F (8:30 to 4:00) Sat (9-12:00) – yay!
    • Please continue to call or email us when possible.
    • You can call us or email us to purchase tickets.
    • We continue to ask that you submit all forms via online.
    • Pay rent online when possible or drop payment in dropbox outside of office.
    • Minimize cash/coin use.
    • Use our new laundry ShinePay system to minimize need for quarters.
  • Park Home Open House will begin this week 10/19 (Monday – Saturday 10-2:00) 
    • Please wear a mask when touring homes
    • Please minimize touch points, when possible.
  • Mask must be worn in all indoor facilities.  
  • Please practice social distancing and wash hands often.
  • Mask are recommended in all outdoor social gatherings.
  • You will see an increased number of COVID related signs throughout the park in the coming days, please read and follow.
  • You will see an increased number of hand sanitizer stations installed and placed throughout the park.  Please use regularly.
  • We have enhanced our cleaning protocols to use the recommended levels of disinfectant effective against COVID-19.
  • You will see disinfectant spray bottles and towels throughout the park, please use these before and after to clean your area.
  • All indoor facilities will be limited to 50% occupancy – we will be marking each facility with these capacity numbers and ask that you self-manage and respect these numbers.
  • We have limited the number of chairs to all facilities to accommodate these capacities, please don’t add additional chairs to these areas.
  • We will be modifying some of our activity processes to eliminate or minimize lines.  Please be patient with us as we trial these different processes and techniques.
  • We will slowly ramp up food services as we as we get a feel for the temperament and the attendance levels at our events.  We will be bringing in food trucks for the next few weeks.
  • Please stay home if you feel ill or feel you have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Please notify any that you may have exposed in the event you are diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Let’s keep each other safe and respect each others concerns.

Ensuring your safety and well being is very important to us and continues to be our top priority. Our focus is on providing another season of enjoyable fun and relaxation with each other.  We will continue to adapt our policies and procedures based on the CDC guidelines and industry recommendations and ask that you be patient with us as we navigate through this together.  

Let’s make another wonderful season of memories together in Paradise!

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