Policy & Rules

Payment Policy

Deposit and Payment Schedule

Daily, Weekly or Less than 2 Month: Pay in Full upon Booking Reservation

2 Months or Longer Deposit – $500 Deposit, Lease Agreement signed upon Arrival

Annual RV Annuals –  $25/Occupant Application Fee for Background Check, $500 Deposit Required to reserve site, Annual tenants only accepted in September, October or November.  First 3 Months is paid at 3 Month Rate, balance is paid equally over the last 7 to 9 months.  All rate years begin September 1st.  All annual agreements end September 1.

Deposit Payment: The Method for Payment of Deposits is by Cash, Check, or Credit Card.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

No Show — Refund will not be granted.

Short Term – Less than one month (includes Rally)
•  Full refund of payment with 2 weeks prior to arrival notice - less $10 admin fee. (NO REFUNDS January through March)

Long Term – One month or longer
90 days prior to arrival full refund, 60 days prior to arrival 50% refund, Less then 60 days NO refund. $25 admin fee for all cancellations.

Late Arrivals and Early Departure – No Refunds or Prorations will be given for Late Arrivals or Early Departures.

*Policy subject to change without notice.
*Refunds for death or extended hospitalization will be reviewed on an individual basis by Management.

For questions regarding our refund or cancellation policy, please email us at:  mailto:Reservations@paradiseoaksRV.com

Paradise Rules

Our RV Resort rules have been established for your personal comfort and safety. Please treat your fellow camper as you would like to be treated.


This is your home away from home; use our facilities with the same care you would if they were your own. Thank you.

Our top priority at Paradise Oaks is to ensure that all of our guest have the best stay possible. To ensure the comfort, enjoyment, quality of the Resort, and most of all safety we ask that you observe the following policies and procedures during your stay with us. Further, we kindly ask that you report any violations of the following to PORVfeedback@paradiseoaksRV.com or call Neighborhood Watch 813-323-1862.

Check-in/out, Reservations, and Visitor Policies:

  • Check-in time is at noon. All appropriate paperwork must be completed upon or prior to arrival.
  • Payment is due in full upon booking for all Daily, Weekly and Less than 2-Months reservations.
  • Reservations 2 Months or greater, require a deposit at the time of booking.
  • Annual guest reservation period must begin on the 1stof September, October, or November.
  • Payment Options: All monthly rent payments are due on your monthly anniversary date. Cash and check payments will be accepted at the office. Credit and Debit card payments must be made through the Auto Pay feature or the Guest Payment Link.
  • There will be no prorations or refunds for late arrivals or early departures.
  • Cancellation can result in no refund, full terms found on the website and through the Guest Payment Portal.
  • Please contact the office to register all guests. Your guest may use the Resort facilities, only if registered and accompanied by you.
  • All family,friends and guests invited onto Paradise Oaks property are required to understand and comply with Resort policies and procedures. You are responsible for them and their actions while on property.
  • Paradise Oaks does not endorse or recommend any outside service provider or vendor. We recommend that all guests check to ensure service provider or vendor is licensed and insured before entering into business.
  • Paradise Oaks is not responsible for any damages caused by guest visitors or any other individuals/companies visiting the premises at the request of our guest.
  • Service providers, vendors and out of park guests should report to front office upon entry into the park. Vendors “trolling” for business within our park are not allowed. Please report any solicitors or suspicious behavior to the office immediately.

Guest Conduct:

  • Children, or anyone under the age of 18, MUST be supervised at all times.
  • Please be respectful of your neighbors and treat others like you would like to be treated.
  • Please refrain from smoking and/or vaping in public areas and facilities, unless a designated area.
  • Loud music or other disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
  • The Resort mandated quiet time is from 10pm to 7am.
  • At all times, please be aware of your surroundings, especially when operating a vehicle or golf cart.
  • Road rules and signage applies to any & all vehicles.[1]
  • Speed limit is 10 mph and is strictly enforced.
  • When traversing the premises at night, all vehicles, including bicycles, golf carts, etc. must have lights on and reflective markings.
  • If walking the premises at night, you should carry a light at all times and wear bright/reflective clothing.
  • Flying drones over the Resort’s premises is prohibited. Drones are only allowed over the “Reserve” and surrounding fields away from all guest areas.

RV Sites and Units:

  • All RV’s and sites must be kept clean and in good RV’s and/or sites not meeting park standards may result in fines and possibly being asked to leave.
  • No tent camping on sites.
  • Jack pads are required on all asphalt, guest is responsible for any damage to the site. If you notice any damage upon arrival, please report it to the main office immediately.
  • No parking on the concrete patios on sections B thru J.  This concrete is not reinforced and can be easily damaged.
  • Your property must stay on your site, no placing items or parking on other sites, even if vacant.
  • Do not perform any maintenance on your vehicle or other engines on the concrete pads, such as changing the oil or other fluids.
  • Please limit to only 2 vehicles and 1 golf cart per site.[2]
  • Propane campfires are allowed at campsites but please no wood or combustible material campfires.
  • Portable canopies,screen rooms,and other outdoor structures at site are permitted but must be located on the concrete or to the rear of the site, please take your neighbors view into consideration. Pull thru sties (J1- J14) and (K17 thru K30) have limited space and cannot accommodate such a structure. Management has the right to determine where placement is or is not appropriate or allowed. Please inquire with the office before investing in your purchase.
  • Decks for our annual and six (6) month plus guests must fit within the confines of the concrete pad, shall be free standing, may not be attached to the RV, and no roof. Decks must be maintained in good condition and no under-storage.
  • In order to improve our lawn service, we ask that all lawn ornaments, solar lights, etc. be removed prior to us mowing and trimming.
  • The Resort Staff will not mow or trim in areas where damage to guest property can readily occur, and it will be the responsibility of guests to maintain these areas. This includes utility / pedestal areas. Please see front office for details.
  • No permanent fencing, anchors, structures, satellite dishes, and/or landscaping is allowed on the sites.
  • On-site clotheslines must be portable and taken down when not in use.
  • Management reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of all outdoor items andNo political and/or divisive signs will be permitted.  Management has the right to make this determination.

Sheds, Cargo Trailers & Boats (Limit one shed OR one trailer per site):

  • Sheds are only allowed for annual and six (6) month plus guest.All sheds are to be beige in color,Rubbermaid style,installed on a platform, and ground anchors, with a maximum size of 8’x10’.
  • Cargo trailers six (6) feet or less are allowed, however, trailers over 6 foot up to 15 foot in length are only allowed on Sections J thru N (excluding sites J1 – J14 & K17 – K30). Cargo trailers up to 20’ are only allowed in Section O only. Please inquire to the office before investing in this purchase to determine the ability of your site to hold your cargo trailer.
  • Cargo trailers must be placed in back of sites on concrete. Doors must be kept closed when not in use. Permission for alternative location on the site must be approved by management.
  • Enclosed cargo trailers in excess of 10’ tall are prohibited.
  • Boats, flatbed trailers, car dollies, or other trailers not mentioned above are not allowed to be stored on sites.
  • Boats are only allowed in Section O and will be considered a “vehicle” for purposes of parking. If your boat is not being used on a regular basis, we ask that you store it off-site.

Water and Sewer:

  • Under State Law,a positive seal,sometimes referred to as a“donut”,must be used when you connect your sewer system.
  • No chemicals except those designed for RV use are to be dumped down the the drains.
  • By law, back-flow preventers are installed on all water faucets. Upon checkout if the back-flow preventer is missing you will be charged $10 for a replacement.
  • Watering potted flowers is allowed, but please do not irrigate grass. No automatic sprinklers allowed.
  • PLEASE NOTE!!! Car and RV wash allowed with purchase of wash pass from the office. Wash cost $5.00 for cars and $10.00 for RV’s. After payment is made, you will be given a “Wash Cone” to be placed at your site when performing wash. Please return cone 24 hours after use or additional days charge may be incurred.

Pet Policies (Please refer to Pet Waiver and Agreement for more information):

  • Pet Waiver and Agreement must be filled out for all pets before being allowed on premises.
  • Limit of two (2) pets per site.
  • Any pet demonstrating vicious or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Pick up behind your pet, this includes in the dog park, your site and all open areas. (poop, toys, leashes, etc).
  • All pets MUST be leashed and controlled at all times, unless in the dog park or the “Reserve”.  The “Reserve” is the only leash option area, but your pet must demonstrate control.  Your pet is required to be on a leash in The Farmhouse Field and surrounding area.
  • Certified Service pets are allowed in facilities or Pool area, and proper paperwork must be provided to Paradise Oaks.
  • Pets should be up to date with required vaccinations including rabies shots.

On-Site and Off-Site Storage:

  • On and Off-Site Storage is available to our guest.  A Storage Agreement must be completed and approved.  For more details please inquire to the office. Charges apply.
  • Off-Site Storage is available to our guest for storage of all non-site approved items during occupancy.  Charges may apply.

Golf Cart Policies (Private and Park Owned Carts, refer to Golf Cart Agreement):

  • Only gas or electric golf carts are allowed.
  • Private owned golf carts must have Liability Insurance.
  • Rental golf carts are available in the front office.
  • Golf carts must have working headlights (flashlights are not allowed as headlights).
  • A valid driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart.
  • Please only drive golf carts on roads and designated areas of walking trails.
  • Intoxicated operation or careless driving is not permitted!

Mailbox & Package Policy(3)

  • Locked mailboxes are assigned to long-term guests and are accessible 24 hours/day.
  • Paradise Oaks is not responsible for lost or missing mail, packages and/or tampering.  The post office is close by and we recommend this option for those receiving sensitive and large volumes of mail.
  • Keys remain the property of Paradise Oaks RV.  Your Mailbox Key MUST be returned to the office at check-out.
  • Lost or replacement Key Fee is $10.00.
  • In order toe sure that your mails delivered to your in a timely manner,make sure that your #MAILBOX NUMBER is included with your address change. DO NOT USE RESORT NAME OR YOUR SITE NUMBER AS PART OF YOUR ADDRESS.

Resort Amenities and Services:

  • Pool and Hot Tub hours are posted at pool and are subject to change.
  • There is NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY at any time.
  • Please obey posted pool rules.
  • Pool area furniture is limited, and seating is a “first come, first serve” basis. Please be mindful of saving and occupying seats for an extended amount of time, preventing other guest from using.
  • Please do not leave towel or other personal effects to reserve an unattended seat(s).
  • Dumpsters are located throughout the Resort for your bagged household trash.
  • Please break down / flatten cardboard boxes before disposal.
  • Please do not drop bulk items (mattresses, furniture, etc) in or around the dumpsters without approval. Fees will be charged to violators.
  • Reserved seating will not  be allowed for any park scheduled event prior to one (1)hour before event is scheduled to begin. All items used to reserve seating before one hour prior to the event will be removed and will be available in park
  • Paradise Oaks RV Resort sells propane as a convenience to our guest. All propane tanks MUST BE TAGGED for Paradise Oaks to fill your tank. Tags can be obtained from the front office. All propane charges will be applied to guest account and payable with other monthly charges.

Neighborhood Watch Team:

  • Paradise Oaks RV Resort has a volunteer-based neighborhood watch team in place; however, this volunteer team does not replace local law enforcement. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, please call 911 or for non-emergencies call 352-569-1600 to reach the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Please note your road name and site number in event you need to contact 911.
  • The mission of this Neighborhood Watch Team is to ensure individual rights and promote a safe and secure environment for the residents and guests of Paradise Oaks. Remember, this is a volunteer based group and their intentions are to enhance the safety and well being of Paradise oaks and their guest.
  • Local law enforcement makes regular rounds through Paradise Oaks through they ear and through out the night-time hours.
  • If you need to report suspicious activity, please contact the neighborhood watch number or notify the front office.

Neighborhood Watch Number: 813-323-1862

Storm Safety:

*****PLEASE NOTE-Paradise Oaks RV Resort DOES NOT provide a FEMA approved tornado or hurricane shelter*****

  • When conditions are right for every weather,you should keep abreast of the weather conditions by listening to a NOAA Weather, local, or regional weather station or radio channel.
  • Tornadoes do not provide advance notice of their formation. Be advised that NOAA issues warnings on countywide basis; therefore, the warning might be in one small area of the county and the remainder of the county has sun shining and is not affected by the storm.
  • In the unfortunate circumstance that a tornado does arise, we recommended that you do not remain in a RV, mobile or manufactured home. Go to a nearby sturdy building; avoid windows, doors, or outside walls.
  • Hurricane warnings are provided several days in advance. You should stay tuned to your local TV and radio for information on the path and timing of the hurricane.
  • You can contact the local non-emergency number to find out more information: 352-569-1600
  • Shelter and additional hurricane resource information can be found at:sumtercountyfl.gov
  • Please take all weather-related risk serious, your safety is important to us.



  • Management reserves the right to remove offenders of Resort Rules or Policies from the the park.
  • Management reserves the right of access onto any site for lawn maintenance, meter reading or inspection.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Management has the right to evict guest without cause.

These rules are in place to ensure everyone can enjoy a safe and pleasant stay at Paradise Oaks. If you have any comments, suggestions, or an issue that you would like to communicate to management, please email us at: PORVfeedback@paradiseoaksRV.com

[1]Vehicles include automobiles of any kind, motorcycles, golf carts, bicycles, or any other motorized transportation.

[2]For purpose of this policy, boats are considered a vehicle. If boats only allowed on O sites only.

[3]The on-site mail is use at your own risk, and please see the Guest Liability Waiver for more information.